High tech visor tracks eye movement to improve visibility

(9 Jan 2020) LEAD IN:
A high tech sun visor could make driving safer in the next few years.
German engineering company Bosch has created a ‘virtual visor’ that uses eye tracking technology to reduce sun glare while keeping maximum visibility.

Anyone who has driven a car knows how difficult, and potentially dangerous sun glare can be.
And while cars have been upgraded and improved over the last few decades, the sun visor as the only protection against sun glare has changed very little.
But now, there might be a high tech solution to the problem.
German engineering company Bosch, that supplies automobile parts to many carmakers, is showing a "virtual visor" at the CES technology show in Las Vegas.
A camera and software pinpoint where the eyes of the driver are located.
The sun visor, made from transparent crystal, then blocks the sun at this smaller spot, instead of blocking the whole visor.
The visor, only a prototype at this stage, was created by two engineers at Bosch’s Michigan facility.
"With the virtual visor, it shrinks the blocking area down to only about ten percent of the size of the visor. So that drastically increases the amount of the visor that you can see through," says Jason Zink, one of the inventors of the ‘virtual visor.’
Bosch says it has is already in discussions with carmakers about including the virtual visor in upcoming models but that it will realistically be several years before it is ready for production.
CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, started on Sunday 5 January in Las Vegas, with two days of media previews.
The show floor is now open to a wider audience until Friday.
More than 170,000 people are expected to attend the annual show, which is being held across a sprawling set of hotels and convention centres.

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