“New tattoo everyday” with handheld printer

(9 Jan 2020) LEAD IN:
Getting a permanent tattoo can sometimes be accompanied by heavy regrets in later life.
But now a South Korean company thinks it has found the perfect middle ground, unveiling a printing machine that can be used to print instant temporary tattoos at CES in Las Vegas.

Some of the busiest people at this year’s CES are those staffing the Prinker booth.
All day, there’s a steady stream of CES visitors lining up to get temporary tattoos.
The Prinker tattoo printer connects to a smart phone via Blue Tooth.
On its related app, there are over 5,000 tattoos designs from which to choose.
One quick click, and the machine is ready to print.
"You simply select in the app the design you would like to get. We send this design to the device by  using Bluetooth. You just rub it on your skin, and then you have a tattoo. And this is a tattoo without commitment, and no regret, because you can wash it off really easily with water and soap, or any makeup remover," explains Prinker’s Communications Director, Magdalena Zofia Przygonska.
The tattoo will last for about a day.
There are two version of the Prinker tattoo printer, one light version, and one "Pro" version.
The Pro version is the one being used here in Las Vegas.
"We use the ink jet printing technology," explains Przygonska.
"For some people it might be a really outdated technology, right, like you have the printer in your office, for example, right? But the main difference actually is the ink. And this ink is made from cosmetic ingredients, like we use the cosmetic pigments, something you can find for example in your mascara or lipstick."
The Prinker is available for worldwide order on the company’s website.
A device is currently retailing for $269.
It also comes with 5,000 different tattoo designs, Przygonska explains.
"I would say yeah, you can get a tattoo every day. Every day, different tattoo."
CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, started on Sunday 5 January in Las Vegas, with two days of media previews.
The show floor is now open to a wider audience until Friday.
More than 170,000 people are expected to attend the annual show, which is being held across a sprawling set of hotels and convention centres.

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