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Haitians hold new protests as tensions simmer

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(7 Oct 2019) A few hundred Haitians held a new string of protests on Monday in a renewed push to oust embattled President Jovenel Moïse.
Demonstrators marched down a main highway in the Delmas district of Port-au-Prince, as others blocked off smaller streets with burning tires and debris. Several chanted: “Down with Jovenel Moïse, long live Haiti” as national police in attempted to restore order.
Protester Réjouie Dominique said that many Haitians were hungry and he reiterated protesters’ demands that Moïse resign.
Nearby, a small barricade was engulfed in flames.  
The latest unrest comes after weeks of protests in which 17 people have been reported killed, the economy has been largely paralyzed, 2 million children have been kept from going to school and badly needed aid has been suspended, especially to rural areas.
The opposition has rejected Moïse’s call for dialogue and created a nine-person commission it says would oversee an orderly transition of power, with many demanding a more in-depth investigation into corruption allegations which involve the use of funds from a Venezuela-subsidized oil program.
Critics say Moïse has not looked into the former top government officials accused, including ally and former President Michel Martelly.

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