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Protest against Trump’s tweets in Ankara

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(8 Oct 2019) More than a hundred supporters of Turkey’s Patriotic Party gathered in front of the United States embassy in Ankara on Tuesday, protesting against US President Donald Trump’s tweets from previous nights.
Trump has declared US troops will step aside for an expected Turkish attack on Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria, who have been allied with the US against the Islamic State.
In a series of angry tweets, he dismissed the suggestion that he is siding with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the American-allied Kurds.
But he issued a threat to Turkey to constrain its assault, warning, “If Turkey does anything out of what they should be doing, we’ll hit them so hard on the economy.”
He said there will be “big trouble” if any American personnel in Syria are injured, as Turkey prepares to mount the operation.
Turkey has threatened for months to launch a military operation to drive away Syrian Kurdish fighters from the border region.
It said on Tuesday it would not bow to threats, in an apparent response to Trump’s warning to Ankara about the scope of its planned military incursion into Syria.

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