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Protesters continue to occupy major Paris square

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(8 Oct 2019) Hundreds of activists with the Extinction Rebellion climate protest movement continued to block a central square in Paris on Tuesday, demanding more urgent action against climate change.
Some of the activists and participants brought in tents where they slept overnight.
The activists have blocked traffic along a bridge close to City Hall and the Paris Courthouse and despite heavy rain, they appear to be settling in for another night.
Some promised to remain in place even at the risk of being forcibly removed by French police.
“We’ll stay here until the end and if they must remove us by carrying us out, moving us out or using teargas, we will be here, we will remain united, non-violent,” said Clement Schneider, 26, from Fribourg, Switzerland.
“And this will only reinforce, I hope, our commitment for the coming protests,” he added.
Cities in Australia, elsewhere in Europe and other parts of the world also had climate change protests for a second day.
Founded in Britain last year, Extinction Rebellion, also known as XR, now has chapters in some 50 countries.

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