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Syria MP: govt has right to repel Turkish attack

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(8 Oct 2019) The Syrian government has every right to repel any Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, according to a Syrian lawmaker in Damascus on Tuesday.
Mohammed Kheir al-Akkam said Damascus was intent on “cleansing” Syria of “terrorism” and forcing out all foreign troops.
He spoke after US President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to stand aside along Syria’s northeastern border with Turkey, essentially giving Turkey permission to go ahead with a military incursion into Syria.
The incursion aims to clear a strip of border territory running east of the Euphrates River to the border with Iraq, from Syrian Kurdish fighters that Turkey considers to be”terrorist”.
Turkey hopes to move its troops some 30 kilometres deep into Syrian territory. It says that once secured, the area would become a “safe zone”, allowing the repatriation of some two million refugees.
Trump’s announcement infuriated the Syrian Kurds, who stand to lose the autonomy they gained during Syria’s civil war.

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