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Carthage Film Festival hosts directors and film stars

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The Carthage Film Festival celebrated African cinema with its two main cinematic awards in Tunis.
The Gold Tanit award was awarded to “Noura’s Dream” by Hinde Boujemaa of Tunisia and the silver was won by “Atlantics” by Mati Diop of Senegal.

A red carpet welcome greets guests on the final evening of the Carthage Film Festival 2019.
The festival also known as JCC ‘Journees Cinematographiques de Carthage’ – Cinema days in Carthage, is being held in the capital of Tunis.
“We hope that our cinema can change viewers and society in general to fight against violence and all the other issues of the day,” says Tunisian filmmaker, Salma Baccar.
Guests wear floor-length gowns for the occasion.
“African cinema is developing, we are seeing more and more actors, producers and directors present in festivals,” says actor Amado Mbow.
He pays tribute to director Mati Diop, who was the first black female filmmaker to win the prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival’s, in its 72-year history.
“This is the first time a black African woman obtains the Grand Prize of Jury in Cannes festival by her film “Atlantic”. It’s Mati Diop. It proves that Africa is developing especially for women filmmakers,” he explains.
Mbow featured in Diop’s feature film debut “Atlantics” which focuses on the women left behind in Dakar after many of the local young men fled Senegal for Spain by boat, unable to make a living at home.
Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, the French ambassador in Tunisia says he hopes a new fund will continue to promote French-Tunisian co-productions.
“Two years ago, we created a co-production fund with hundreds of million euros that can produce 6 to 7 films per year,” he explains.
“Tonight, we want the Franco-Tunisian co-production films that are “Noura’s dream” or the “A Son” to win the Golden Tanit.”
The Gold Tanit award was awarded to “Noura’s Dream” by Hinde Boujemaa of Tunisia and the silver was won by “Atlantics” by Mati Diop of Senegal.
The JCC juries had to decide between 13 feature-length documentaries, 12 feature lengths, 9 short documentaries, and 12 fictional shorts, and made their awards during the closing ceremony.
TV5 World Prize for “Khartoum offside” of Marwa Zein of Sudan.
The film festival ran from October 26th to November 2nd, 2019.

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