Wed. Nov 20th, 2019


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How Rudy Giuliani Went Off The Rails: The Impeachment Show (Full Episode)

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VICE News host Michael Moynihan gets drunk with Trump supporters in Brooklyn, finds out what happened to Rudy Giuliani, and asks Jane Fonda about the trap she set for Donald Trump.

8:00 — All roads lead to, from or through Rudy Giuliani. We chased down his former spokesman, Ken Frydman, to ask a central question: what the hell happened to Rudy?

13:11 — Congressman Eric Swalwell is the long-shot presidential candidate who dropped out of the race in July. Now’s he’s back in Congress — just in time for the impeachment hurricane to make landfall.

19:01 — We talk to Jane Fonda about the trap she set for President Trump

34:42 — We met with the creator of “Impeach the President” to see what he thinks about his song’s newfound popularity.

41:15 — While President Trump is generally despised in New York City, there’s a solid sliver of support for him in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn — a tight-knit, blue-collar, mostly white neighborhood where we spent the day day-drinking with locals.

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