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Maduro, Canel slam US at summit in Havana

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(4 Nov 2019) The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and the President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz Canel hit out at the US government on Sunday during a summit in Havana.
The Cuban President accused Donald Trump of attacking the Cuban revolution and stoking unrest in Latin America.
Maduro addressed crowds saying violent street protests in Chile and Ecuador, and in other countries, are the direct result of US policy, supported by international institutions like the International Monetary Fund.
He was cheered on by attendants at the three-day summit, who chanted anti-US slogans such as “Maduro give the Yankees hell.”
Both Cuba and Venezuela are under ever-tightening US sanctions, with the Trump Administration actively seeking to remove Maduro from office, while also punishing Cuba for its support of the Venezuelan Government.

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