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Tailored unisex on trend for Georgia Fashion lookahead

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Female fashions on the Georgian catwalk might not be enshewing styles that flatter feminine styles, but they’re definitely taking on a no-nonsense attitude which is distinctly business like.
Designers in the capital are showing off their spring, summer collections for next year.  

It’s a dark and moody setting chosen by designers Irakli Rusadze and with good reason  – this catwalk is setup in an abandoned power plant.
There are no small capsule collections here, but 56 different looks in men and women’s wear, all of which appear to fit into their surroundings.
Rusadze is founder and head designer of Situationist label. He says his designs have been inspired by the stories of people inside his fashion house.
Oversized jackets and pants, together with flowy silk dresses dominate his collection.
Rusadze, now aged 28, established his label when he was only 17 and since then has been a regular at the Tbilisi fashion show.
He has a definite profile for the people who wear his clothes.
“We are trying to make a large collection and I think that people of different styles can wear it and find something interesting in our collection. I make a collection for delicate and at the same time self-confident people,” says Rusadze.
Giorgi Keburia is another young Georgian designer – he’s taking his inspiration from a television series.
The outfits are colourful, bright pink, blue, yellow and white together with black.
And if all the models look vaguely familiar that might be something to do with the wigs and oversize specs they are wearing.
“My inspiration was movie characters, we made it look like a TV series. Our women are self-confident, but with many problems, but still very strong. We wanted to have many characters and that’s why we have used wigs, bags, gloves and etc.,” says Keburia.
Tamuna Ingorokva is considered one of Georgia’s top designers and this is her latest collection.
She says her collection has been inspired by the cut and architecture of menswear. The majority of her clothes are unisex. Ingorokva focuses on the concept of sustainable fashion.
“It’s a lot of men’s clothes, the men’s cut that inspired us and also architecture and it’s actually unisex clothes. Everybody can wear it except the dresses,” says Ingorokva.
The theme of Avtandl’s collection is Time and Power.
Avtandil’s collection is focused on a contemporary woman who looks ahead. That’s why his silhouettes are very masculine, but he argues: “The silhouette is very masculine, but where the femininity is not lost.”
Tblisi Fashion Week runs October 30 to November 4 2019.

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