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Market fire in Lagos burns into night

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(5 Nov 2019) Nigerian firefighters continued to battle with two fires that broke out almost simultaneously Tuesday evening at a busy market in central Lagos, the country’s largest city and commercial center.
Balogun Market, where the fires erupted, is one of Nigeria’s largest textile markets.
The head of Nigerian Federal Fire Service Ganiyu Olayiwola said the two fires don’t appear to be related, adding that it wasn’t immediately clear if there were any casualties.
Thick black smoke and flames were shooting up from five-story buildings surrounding the market as firetrucks attempted to get access to the fire.
Shopowners were seen shutting down their shops, fearing that the fire might affect their livelihood.
The fire started in the morning and became a major blaze by midday, with firefighters trying to keep the flames from spreading.
But the firefighter’s effort seemed to be in vain as the fire continued to burn well into the evening.
The Balogun market sprawls across many blocks on Lagos Island.
It is well known as one of the best places in Lagos to buy colorful Nigerian fabrics, apparel and shoes.
Fires and other disasters are frequent on Lagos Island where the Balogun market is located.
In March, at least 20 people, most of them schoolchildren, died with the collapse of a three-story building housing a school, residential apartments and shops.

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