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Projections beamed on iconic German buildings

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(5 Nov 2019) Video installations beamed onto the former headquarters of Stasi secret police and other key locations around Berlin on Tuesday night as part of the commemorations leading to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
For nearly three decades, the Berlin Wall encircled West Berlin, built by communist East German authorities ostensibly to protect the country from “fascists.”
But in reality to prevent their own citizens from fleeing into the democratic half of the divided city, a portal to the rest of the free world.
For a barrier meant to prevent travel, chips, chunks and full segments of the 156.4 kilometre (97.2 mile) -long reinforced concrete Berlin Wall have done a pretty good job themselves getting around Germany and the rest of the world in the past 30 years.
The Berlin Wall divided the city from 1961 until it was first opened on 9 November 1989, though it took much longer to be removed entirely.
Some symbolic segments of the wall still stand in Berlin to this day in their original locations, left in place as a reminder of what was known as the front line of the Cold War, a daily physical reminder of the metaphorical Iron Curtain between eastern and western Europe during those tense times.

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