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Bolivians continue to contest election results

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(6 Nov 2019) Thousands of people both for and against Bolivia’s President Evo Morales marched Tuesday on the streets of La Paz.
Anti-Morales protesters marched in support of their candidates, Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho, claiming Morales stole the Oct. 20 election and committed electoral fraud.
“No one will now give up,” said Rodiolfo Ayala, a Mesa supporter.  “The government must reflect on that and stop Bolivians from fighting each another.”
Morales supporters marched as well and heard him speak, calling for Bolivian “unity.”
His backers also blocked Camacho from leaving La Paz airport after he travelled to the city saying he hoped to get Morales to sign a letter of resignation — something the president has rejected.
Interior Minister Carlos Romero said he was flown back to Santa Cruz “to protect his safety.”
Camacho has been leading protests in Santa Cruz, the country’s most populous city, demanding Morales step aside following the disputed poll.
Opponents challenge an official count that showed Morales winning with 47% of the vote and a margin of just over 10 percentage points ove

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