In Hollywood and Nashville, actors and music stars say they mostly hadn’t tuned in to start of telev

In Hollywood, Las Vegas and Nashville, actors and music stars say they mostly hadn’t tuned in to the first day of televised impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.
At a fan event Wednesday (13 NOVEMBER) launching the Disney Plus series “The Mandalorian” in Los Angeles, Werner Herzog said he didn’t watch because he was busy editing a new movie, and co-star Carl Weathers said he was already fed up with the process.
“I don’t care. You know? I really don’t care. I’ve heard way too much already. Yeah, I want it to be over with,” Weathers said.
At an event in Las Vegas on the eve of the Latin Grammy Awards there, Grammy-winning musician and producer Emilio Estefan said he hadn’t watched, but noted the significance of the of the process.
“You know, this is what is good about America. You know, it doesn’t matter who you are. You have to go by the book. I always tell my kids, everything has consequences, everything you say, it has consequences. I had the pleasure of produce six different presidents — events in the White House. And you know something? They all have good things and bad things,” the 66-year-old Estefan said. “So I hope everything goes well — that you know, we don’t find nothing because, you know, I think it will be a down for a lot of people. And — the good thing about this country — every four years, we change — if it’s not good, we change the new president. So, pay attention, whatever any of the candidates said, because most of the times, they lie and they don’t want to do what they’re supposed to do — especially in the Latino community.”
Canadian singer Alessia Cara was also at the event.
“As a Canadian, like seeing this and sort of witnessing it a bit second hand, it still does affect me even though I’m not from this country. But just to also compare, you know, what’s going on in Canada versus here, it’s like I just wish that, you know, this country shared a lot of the values that I feel like we see in Canada, even though Canada has a lot to to grow as well,” she said.
In Nashville at the CMA Awards, singer-songwriters Sheryl Crow and Ryan Hurd both said they’d be reading about the impeachment proceedings in the next day’s New York Times.
“All that stuff is — there’s just so many things that are happening every day that moves so quickly and also moves so slow. I don’t even know how you — if you aren’t busy, how you keep up with it,” Hurd said.
Country artists Marty Raybon and Mike McGuire said they were unhappy with politicians in general.
“Why don’t we get around to fixing some of the health care for some of these people that need it? Some of these elderly people, you know, take away the decision. They’ve got to stop worrying about what they’re going to do and what week of the month that they’re going to they’re going to be able to buy groceries or either buy their medicine and stuff like that. Let’s take care of stuff like that,” Raybon said. “Let’s get about the people’s business. Instead of who you want to get even with or what you want. Look, politics has always been that way. That’s the reason why we don’t ever get into it, because it never leads to any — it never leads anywhere. It just always continues this vicious cycle.”
McGuire added: “It’s just a fight. It’s always a fight. That’s all it ever is.”

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