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Frustrations draw Colombians back onto streets

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(27 Nov 2019) Colombians unhappy with President Iván Duque’s response to nearly a week of boisterous protests over everything from job losses to shark hunting took to the streets again Wednesday in a continuing tide of unrest.
The daily protests jolting the South American country proclaim a wide array of complaints but echo one refrain: an opposition to a government that many believe only looks after the most privileged citizens.
“There are so many points (referring to issues) here for which we have the right to (protest), not just us but also students, farmers, workers, indigenous people who are being killed in Cauca for fighting for their territory,” said 69-year-old Marcos Rueda.
Several thousand people blew whistles and waved their nation’s flag as they marched through the streets of the capital around mid-afternoon, while indigenous activists blocked part of a major highway in southwest Colombia.
The new demonstration came a day after Duque’s attempt to quell the discontent by holding talks with a protest steering group hit a snag: Members of the National Strike Committee refused to join broader talks the president has called with all social sectors, fearing their demands would be diluted.

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