Activist: US recognition of HK ‘a must’ for city

(28 Nov 2019) Activist Joshua Wong said on Thursday that he welcomed US President Donald Trump’s decision to sign two bills on Hong Kong human rights.
“Actions speak louder than words,” said Wong during a press conference in Hong Kong.  
Wong said Hong Kong needs to be recognised as a global city in order to seek international allies.
The former British colony was returned to China in 1997 and operates under a “one country, two systems” framework that gives Hong Kong its own legal system and government.
Trump signed the bills, which were approved by near unanimous consent in the House and Senate, even as he expressed some concerns about complicating the effort to work out a trade deal with China’s President Xi Jinping.
The first bill Trump signed mandates sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials who carry out human rights abuses and requires an annual review of the favourable trade status that Washington grants Hong Kong.
Another bill prohibits export to Hong Kong police of certain nonlethal munitions, including tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, water cannons, stun guns and tasers.
Wong became known as the young face of Hong Kong’s 2014 “Umbrella Movement” protest movement.
He has played a smaller role in the current protests, whose leadership is more diffused, but China’s communist leaders have targeted him in accusing foreign powers of colluding with anti-China separatists to stir up unrest.

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