China on the Vatican, Xinjiang and Hong Kong

(28 Nov 2019) China said on Thursday that it appreciated the friendliness and goodwill from Pope Francis, who said he loved China and hoped to visit Beijing.
“China is sincere and positive in improving the bilateral relations,” said Geng Shuang, China’s foreign ministry spokesman at the regular news conference in Beijing. “We are open-minded and glad to conduct exchanges between our two sides.”
In response to the call by France for China to end “mass arbitrary detentions” in Xinjiang, Geng said what China was doing in the regions is “above board and justified”.
Geng also said China had allowed more than 1,000 diplomats, international officials and reporters visit Xinjiang.
“We are firmly against any person and any force to interfere in China’s internal affairs using issues related with Xinjiang,” Geng said.
Asked to comment on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s praise of the election of district councils in Hong Kong, in which the pro-democracy camp scored a landslide victory, Geng repeated the position that Hong Kong was part of China and no one was allowed to interfere in its affairs.

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