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HK police: focus on dangerous items not arrests

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(28 Nov 2019) Police safety teams have begun clearing a university that was a flashpoint for clashes with protesters, and an officer said any holdouts still hiding inside would not be immediately arrested.
The police move into the Polytechnic University on Thursday came after its administration said they believed no one else remained inside after a two-day search ended Wednesday.
Senior police officer Chow Yat Ming said the focus of the operation was not to arrest any holdouts but on removing hazardous items that are a threat to public safety, and to gather evidence of “malicious” damage to campus facilities.
If they find any protesters, he said police mediators and counselors will coax them to seek medical treatment.
He said they won’t be arrested but their details will be taken down for possible further action.
The university has been ringed by police for 11 days as protesters retreated into the campus after blocking a major tunnel and set toll booths on fire during clashes with police.
Some 1,100 protesters have left or have been arrested.

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