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HKong protesters urge world to follow US lead

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(28 Nov 2019) Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters formed a rally Thursday night to celebrate the US signing the Human Rights and Democracy Act into law.
Waving US flags, thousands crowded a public square in central Hong Kong for a “Thanksgiving” rally to thank the United States for passing two Hong Kong laws and urged other countries to follow suit.
Rally organiser Ventus Lau urged the US to swiftly implement the laws and penalize police and government officials who suppressed democracy.
Protester Warren Chan said: “I also want the other European country especially Germany and EU to stand against China because so far I don’t think they stand firmly against China.”
One of the US laws, which were signed by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, requires an annual review of the special trade status for Asia’s top financial hub and prescribes sanctions on Hong Kong and mainland Chinese officials found guilty of human rights abuses.
The other bans the export of certain nonlethal munitions to Hong Kong police.
China reacted furiously to the US laws.
Hong Kong’s government also denounced the US legislation as “unreasonable” meddling, saying it sends the wrong signal to protesters and won’t help to ease the crisis.

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