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Morales says Interpol blue notice is on him

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(27 Nov 2019) Bolivia’s ousted president Evo Morales said Wednesday that Interpol has issued a blue notice for him in several Latin American countries.
A blue notice is a request for information with regard to ongoing criminal cases Interpol is investigating.
“I am a wanted person,” he said, naming Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador as countries in which he was wanted in.
Morales claimed he was also wanted by Interpol in Mexico, despite being offered amnesty by Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Morales governed for almost 14 years, the longest presidential reign in Bolivia’s history and dominated all areas of power.
Prodded by police and the military, Morales resigned on Nov. 10 amid the turmoil and went into exile in Mexico, which set off protests by his own supporters.
Bolivia’s interim president, Jeanine Áñez, has formally enacted a law calling for new elections to replace Morales.
The law annuls the Oct. 20 election and bars Morales from participating in the new one.
Morales, who was the nation’s first indigenous president, ran in that contest despite Bolivian voters upholding term limits.
“I’m not asking to be a candidate for Bolivia’s unity,” Morales added. “Everything for the peace of Bolivia.”
Morales also criticised the Organisation of American States, saying “progressive” governments should be “aware of the OAS.”

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