Protesters who suffered eye loss demand justice

(28 Nov 2019) Dozens of demonstrators took to the streets in Santiago on Thursday, demanding justice over eye injuries caused by pellet guns during protests.
The protesters were asking for security forces to suspend the broad use of the pellet guns that they say have left more than 200 demonstrators blind in one eye.
Protester Carlos Prueba, who was blinded in one eye during protests, recalled how when special forces arrived he saw one of them “lifting his shotgun to his shoulder and point at my face.”
Prueba said he is now waiting for a prosthetic glass eye.
The protests grew after victim Fabiola Campillai was left blind in both eyes when a tear gas canister exploded in her face, while she waiting for a bus to take her to work.
Just two days later 21 year-old student Gustavo Gaatica also lost vision.
Reports recently released by Human Rights Watch Americas and Amnesty International denounced what they referred to as serious abuses by Chilean police against protesters.

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