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There are a lot of issues I want to discuss on Source but I am starting out with Trump! So many people are in illusion about how great he is I thought I would start there to help the misinformed to become informed. I knew of Trump way before the elections I never really liked him, the way he treated people just from what I seem of him on tv then when he first ran for president he said:

Trump: "I could shoot somebody and not lose voters"
Would a real person even say that to his people? I know I wouldn't. That's when he truly lost my vote.
Here is a video from the Horses Mouth.

Backed up by Video.

I never thought that he would win the election. I thought that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t vote for him! Besides the fact that it could be any one of us that he would shoot! Not to mention there was massive lies, delusion and illusion coming out of his mouth. Needles to say he won! I was floored, depression and anxiety perused for the next 4 years. Those 4 years being filled with Trumps smoke and mirrors, now I find my self in the same place. After 4 years of lies, thievery and deceit I think to my self there is no way the people of the United States of America will vote for him a second term! Then I reflect back, look what happened!  Its to late for me to educate the people but you would think the people would be educated by now. Why is it that so many people believe everything that comes out of this mans delusional mouth?

The Christian community thinks this guy is God! Or God ordained anyway. I used to be a Christian still am in my own right but I’m not religious.  Trump took care of that. If any thing Trump is the Anti Christ. In Christian eschatology, the Antichrist, or anti-Christ, is a person prophesied by the Bible to oppose Christ and substitute himself in Christ’s place before the Second Coming. Revelation point to the antichrist as a beast 32 times. The image points to the brutal, bloody, uncontrolled, and wild character of this diabolical dictator.
Matthew 24:24For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” and unfotiantly some of my Christian brothers are defiantly deceived even now after 4 years of Trumps rein destring America.

I know its to late to change peoples minds as I write this its only 14 days before the elections. If Trump wins I am going to step out on a limb here, he is the Anti Christ. But I am starting this blog maybe to save those that are lost. “deceive, if possible, even the elect.”  One of my Christian brothers even stated that I don’t believe in Trump because I don’t watch fox news! Trump has Fox News in his pocket, of course they are going to praise him, lie for him etc.  But if you get down to the nuts and bolts of it all, do you really believe that just one (1) news company is reporting the real news with 100’s of other news companies around the world are reporting fake news? Except the Russians since they  promote Trump. Here is a list of some of those news companies. Its mind boggling to think that people just believe every thing they hear from just one news company.

So let it begin.