Instagram Stories Q&A – COVID-19 – April 1 2020

In case you missed it: On April 1st, 2020, NSGov’s Instagram account ( hosted an Q&A session on Instagram Stories, answering your questions about COVID-19 in Nova Scotia. Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, and Premier Stephen McNeil joined the Q&A to help provide clarity.
Questions answered:
– Where are the testing sites?
– Should I be washing my groceries?
– Disinfectants are hard to find. Is soap and water good enough for high touch areas?
– How many strains of COVID-19 can there be?
– If you have a fever and recover, are you still to isolate the full 14 days?
– For those without cars, how should they get to testing sites if they need to be tested?
– Best way to access docs for non-covid issues?
– How do I talk to my kids about all of this?
– How to convince our parents to stay home. My mom still goes for drives and gets coffee.
– Are gloves really that helpful for the avg person? My understanding is handwashing is best?
– What trails can we exercise on?
– My roommate is a health care worker in direct contact with COVID patients. Am I at risk?
– Do I have to social distance when I’m out walking with somebody I live with?
– For students switching to high school next year, how could this affect our learning?
– What happens if you have a custody arrangement, do you stick to it or keep the child with one parent?
– What about the mental health of seniors who are isolated from their loved ones?
– If I live with someone who is self-isolating, do I need to self-isolate myself?
– Is anything being done right now to fight for help for small businesses?
– Can I go for a drive with my family?
– If a passenger has an overnight layover in YHZ, can they sleep in a hotel?
– What about carpooling?
– Are cloth masks effective?
– Why delay the sport fishing season?
– Will schools reopen this year? How are we going to keep kids from falling behind?