Trump just wants to make money.


President Donald Trump claims he works for no money

As President Donald Trump receives criticism for how he has handled the covid-19 pandemic, his backers have taken to social media to show their support.
One topic that comes up is that President Donald Trump works for no money and donates tall of his presidential check.
A Facebook post from May that has amassed over 100,000 shares reads: “I want to thank Donald Trump for working like a dog for no money to save a country that doesn’t appreciate his sacrifice! Thank you Mr. President!”
Posts of that nature contain a degree of truth, but are misleading.
Trump, as promised during his campaign, does write checks to various agencies equivalent to a quarter of his annual salary every quarter. But this does not mean he earns no money.

I have listed several items below that proves President Donald Trump is trying to make money off of his presidential term, I wont link the links and promote his sites. .  I thinks its wrong for him to do this. I mean really how many Presidents have don this. Most Just do there jobs. That would be like me working for McDonalds flapping burgers and selling a McDonald Doll on the side for my own profit!  Wonder how  McDonalds would handle that?

  1. The Trumpy Bear

with over 4,436,020 YouTube view He has been selling this since the beginning Jul 8, 2017.

Trump’s Re-election And 2021 Inauguration Collectors $2 Bill

Yes he truly does want to make money off of his presidency and now he has.

He is declaring it as  LEGAL CURRENCY! That Includes a certificate of authenticity!
Its a $2 bill with a picture of Trump  and pence on it.
If it is legal currency its worth only $2 and yes he is selling it for over $40.00 and on sale for $29.99
“Get this collectible 2020 election $2 bill and show the world what is soon to come!”
Hey if you want to spend $30 for $2 of legal currency have I got a deal for you 😂

I’m my book the only thing Trump wants from the people or as he says it “his people” is their money!

I have no doubt that this is the money that Donald Trump pays hit taxes with! 

What else is Donald Trump looking to sell?

Well how about Trump Reportedly Looked To Sell Puerto Rico?

Elaine Duke, the former acting head of homeland security, claimed to the New York Times that President Donald Trump looked to “divest” Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria struck the island. Subscribe to HuffPost today: Support our work: Read: Like: Follow:

How To Sell Bullsh*t By Donald Trump | AJ+


Even though he sells himself as an amazing businessman and salesman, Trump is and always has been just a really, really smarmy salesman who peddles crappy products. Like, for instance, his presidency. Check out this video on Trump’s forgotten America:… Subscribe to see more videos:… #donaldtrump #presidenttrump Like us on Facebook: Download the AJ+ app at Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

Lets Face it If you search YouTube for what Trump has sold the search results go in forever!
Final answer. bottom line

Fact Trump sells Lies, Deceit and  BullSh*t 

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